Brand Videos

GO TEAM LIGHT brand videos:  

the Intimate Hug dress - in the snow ❄️! 

GTL LOVEs Mary Oliver 🧡.  

Rumi as read by Coleman Barks, as I try on the new YOUR BLESSINGS ARE PROTECTED white hoodie in XL.

Stretch Now leggings

A SMILE AS WIDE AS THE SKY on a fleece lined sweatshirt

Softest You, silk touch throw blanket

Too good not to repost. My friend JR dancing in his Warm By Night, black hoodie.

My first time trying on the Spacious Hug dress and Sam’s first time trying on The egg of eternal comfort cozy and safety.

I AM Loving on mySelf So Hard right Now. Recycled long-sleeve crop top.

AMOURARMOR (love armor) petite in 14k rose gold (plated, but I have a solid one too 💪).


Here I am wearing ‘Warm By Night’, under the sun -- in a large :).


got my ‘The View From Here’ shoes :) - soooo comfy & sizes 5-12! xo

: quick-drying, breathable, multiple pockets for your belongings, with a silky, anti-chafe inner liner.

Introducing slip-on canvas shoes called ‘TruFlow’, sizes 5-13, printed with two of my favourite vogue yantras: ‘9, the body has its own meditation’ and ’48, there was always perfect balance’. Remembering to remember to remember. Here's the orange ones, & here's the pink ones!

"67. I HAVE FOUND THE FUTURE NOW, FROM MY GOLDEN STAR CENTER, AND I WILL HOLD MY VISION, AS FALSE REFLECTIONS FALL. Never give up. You can do it. You did it. You never gave up..." This T-shirt isn’t new to our collection but I 💛 the message so much!

What does it mean, 'a smile as wide as they sky'? (this vogue yantra is printed on a crop tank top and a fleece sweatshirt

Meet our new swimsuit named 'ALL THE CARDS ON THE TABLE'! Made from bottles and other recycled materials. Offered in sizes XS-3XL in a one-piece, bikini, + tops & bottoms as separate items. 

My first 'unboxing' video for 'integration' 3/4 shirt 🙆🏻‍♀️. Thank you Tiffany for your song with the best opening line ever; CHILDREN BEHAVE -- THAT’S WHAT THEY SAY WHEN WE’RE TOGETHER 🎤!!!


ONE DOLL skater dress. 

AMOURARMOR rings: The Miracle, is You. 💋💎

Available in 22 different materials. 

We now have a shoe collection! Inspired by the Dolce & Gabbana pants I found on the sidewalk.

3 designs so far, more to flow 🌟
Their names: ‘Stand Your Ground’, ‘Dig In’, & ‘The View From Here’. All designs are quilted with vogue yantras.
Thanks for giving me permission Christian Louboutin and Balenciaga, with your graffiti shoes.


The best energy clearing technique I_have_ever_done. Gives the deepest inside-out shine to your personal self, your environment, maybe all universes everywhere -- if we include the miracle of You! ✨  

Learned from @thetaoofdana via @tarastiles (whose auras are incredible).

Creative process video of an unpublished sketch, about the moment your soul decided to become a soul... for the first time -- to your last time! How adventurous and cute You are!  🐣💃🏽

Vogue yantra #111: You’ve already died a million deaths. So why not give it your all? 

WE ARE ONE WOMAN designs include vogue yantras #1-#81. I’m just finishing #110 as I type this. Here’s a sneak peek of #104: THE BRIGHTEST LIGHTNING, THE DEEPEST NADI (not yet digitized for printing). I’m also sharing the description about what it meant to me: This perfect body, healed beyond belief, builds when you withdraw all your energies from your simultaneous dreams within the infinity of the unborn. Let the brightest lightning, the deepest nadi ignite, root, and spread. Stay with this immaculate trickling trustworthy tsunami until your process is complete, until you are looking out of your own eyes always, for if you keep looking to the outside for your healing direction you will never hear your own divine will, which is what you’ve always wanted.


The mystical experience that inspired the AMOURARMOR rings: “it’s all Love, trying to figure out, that it’s all Love. I became that Love.”

Clip from my 42min MFA thesis film, ‘Letters From My Future Self’.


What's a 'vogue yantra', you ask 😉? 


Intimate Hug dress by WE ARE ONE WOMAN.

Here's a (longer) story of WE ARE ONE WOMAN, including a narrated description of vogue yantras 1-81: 


Here's a fable of the AMOURARMOR rings