GO TEAM LIGHT clothes and goods are home to cozy and mystical sketches which osmose into the being helping them reclaim their light with every use. Each of the 156 vogue yantras emits distinct energetic codes that integrate the universal feminine within ourselves and for our earth. All designs transcend gender. 

WE ARE ONE WOMAN vogue yantra series (the first 81)

YOUR BLESSINGS ARE PROTECTED vogue yantra series (82-156)

This art is emblematic of looking within and creating without, inspired by the tradition of female metaphysical artists like Agnes Pelton and Hilma af Klint. They began for me amidst a heroine’s journey of descending into dark dimensions of consciousness. I emerged from the darkness after receiving wisdom from ‘the golden blanket’, our quantum source. The visual messages bypass the mind in favour of the heart, encouraging a more feminine understanding of spirituality; more mystical than religious, and freely accessible through personal creativity. This work is also sequential, each image building on the essence of what came before, and is ongoing -- I'm well into the next drawings. My experience as a Reiki master and MFA recipient taught me to read subtle energy and translate light and peak experiences into art.

My motto is: keep it sacred, not a secret. 

☝= intimate hug dress

And what's a 'vogue yantra', you ask 😉?