WE ARE ONE WOMAN: light you can feel when you wear it

WE ARE ONE WOMAN streetwear is home to cozy and mystical sketches which osmose into the being helping them reclaim their light with every use. Each of the 156 Vogue Yantras emits distinct energetic codes that integrate the universal feminine within ourselves and for our earth. This work is sequential, each image building on the essence of what came before, and is ongoing -- we are well into the next drawings beyond the 156 pictured here. 

Keep it sacred, not a secret. 

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AMOURARMOR Jewelry: the miracle is You

She was meditating by the lake and heard a voice, "it's all Love, trying to figure out that it's all Love." She listened for an eternity, and then looked down to see these two stones, shaped as infinity and a heart, that became talisman rings. The Love in our Jewelry is a divine forcefield, which is why we named it AMOURARMOR (Love armor). AMOURARMOR emits and protects the brightest light, which is you. The miracle, is You. Inscribed inside are the words ‘GO TEAM LIGHT’.