Canadian company GO TEAM LIGHT, founded by artist and model Ashleigh Meta, creates in bliss from mystical visions. We make streetwear and jewelry

This work is emblematic of looking within and creating without, inspired by the tradition of female metaphysical artists like Hilma af Klint and Agnes Pelton. It began for Ashleigh amidst a heroine’s journey of descending into dark dimensions of consciousness. She emerged from the darkness after receiving wisdom in the form of 277 (and counting) Vogue Yantras from the golden blanket, our quantum source. The visual messages bypass the mind in favour of the heart, encouraging a more feminine understanding of spirituality; more mystical than religious, and freely accessible through personal creativity. 

Ashleigh's experience as a (retired) energy healer and MFA recipient taught her to read subtle energy and translate light and peak experiences into art.

Our motto is: keep it sacred, not a secret. 

What is a 'Vogue Yantra'? We answer, in one of our brand videos here. All our streetwear is adorned with these playfully profound sketches, which osmose into the Being helping them reclaim their Light with every use. Each Vogue Yantras emits distinct energetic codes that integrate the universal feminine within ourselves and for our earth. This work is sequential, each image building on the essence of what came before.

WE ARE ONE WOMAN Vogue Yantra Series (#1-81), see them narrated here.

YOUR BLESSINGS ARE PROTECTED Vogue Yantra Series (#82-156), see them narrated here.

And the journey continues -- we completed our 277th sketch this morning. See a time-lapsed presentation of the most recent digital Vogue Yantras (#157-215) below. 

Our Jewelry was also birthed from the inside out🧘🏻‍♀️. Learn about that journey with no distance to the land that never ends here.  

GTL partners with 2 charities dear to our heart. Project Drawdown, the world’s leading resource for climate solutions, and Thorn, who help defend children from sexual abuse.

GO TEAM LIGHT is the commercial brand of Ashleigh's artistic practice


Samantha Gietl, online retail operations associate

Samantha, a fourth-year fashion student from the vibrant city of Vancouver, possesses an innate passion for fashion. From a young age, Samantha was captivated by the unique styles and cultural influences permeating Vancouver's diverse streets. This exposure ignited her curiosity and set her on a creative journey that eventually led her to pursue a degree in fashion. Samantha's love for fashion extends beyond the surface, transcending trends and delving into the artistry of self-expression. Her designs reflect her West Coast roots and showcase a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, embodying the essence of her personal style. For Samantha, fashion is more than just clothing; it's a means of storytelling, a visual language that allows her to articulate her identity and connect with the world in a distinctive way.

Bella Spence, fashion content creation associate

Bella is a multifaceted artist, formally studying fashion, with lots of social media management experience. She adores 60s fashion, antique dolls, and dancing to electronic music. Her interest in fashion was ignited while loving the costume design in ballets and films, which transports viewers into a new world. She hopes, one day, to design her own dresses, dolls -- or both!