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All Horizons, masculine high-top sneakers

All Horizons, masculine high-top sneakers

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All Horizons sneakers are decorated with the following Vogue Yantras:
left shoe: 
#84, from my greatest pain, grew my greatest miracle 

#96, smell the roses on every dimension

#110, Welcome to the Motherboard. Dance your celebration. 

right shoe: 
#103, Why can’t you accept and trust and celebrate your own power? This, is the big forgiveness. 

#111, You’ve already died a million deaths. So why not give it your all!?

#114, Sit in your own lineage. The infinite facets, stars in your sky.

#115, You have a place on this earth.


#121, Remember the Eagle.

#136, my mind is a servant of the Absolute 

#138, How can I not want what I most want of all wants. It's the wanting that keeps it away.  

#142, it’s not "the thing"... it’s the IDENTIFY-ING 

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