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Basement Penthouse, masculine low-top sneakers

Basement Penthouse, masculine low-top sneakers

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Basement Penthouse sneakers are made with care in Canada and showcase the finest in contemporary design and craftsmanship. Ashleigh Meta's signature Vogue Yantras adorn this piece. 

#84: from my greatest pain grew my greatest miracle 

#96: smell the roses, in every dimension

#100: You Can Do It

#110: Welcome to the motherboard. Dance your celebration. 

#111: You've already died a million deaths. Dance your celebration. 

#114: Sit in your own lineage. The infinite facets, stars in your sky. 
#121: Remember the eagle. 
#136: My mind is a servant of the Absolute. 

#138: How can I not want what I most want of all wants. It's the wanting that keeps it away. 

#142: it's not "the thing"... it's the IDENTIFY-ing

.: 30.69 oz. Nylon-canvas
.: Rubber sole
.: With rear pull-loop

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