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Stand Your Ground, masculine high-top sneakers

Stand Your Ground, masculine high-top sneakers

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These high tops exude classic charm and prioritize comfort. They’re perfect for running errands, chilling with friends, even hitting the dance floor. Stride in style from morning to night. Step up your footwear game with these timeless kicks. 

This piece is made with care in Canada and showcases the finest in contemporary design and craftsmanship. Ashleigh Meta’s signature Vogue Yantras #3, #5, #6, #19, #32, #51, #62, and #78 adorn this piece.

#3, what would my future self do she flows like a clear blue river this way and that, follows what feels good, flexibly -- the smooth impulse of life from her golden star center. 

#5, Nothing Will Distract Me: You pierce through to Love no matter what is around. No matter what comes buzzing, hovering, knocking, lurking, slithering. Have the courage to not go there. You know who you are and what you want in all times and places. What you want is an infinitely stronger tuning fork than bullshit noise. You’re always chillin and locked in to your vision.

#6, Assassin Ashleigh and the FIVE BLUES: Mmm can you feel your sleek team. They are sassy, alway present. And so are you. Check out your nails and hairdo and skin glow. Nothing can touch you now.

#19, projection vacuum: See how your negative thoughts about people drain your vitality. You lose so much energy by making them into something they’re not.

#32, the space between Reality... and your thoughts about it: Immeasurable, infinite, of foremost importance. A distinction you must apply to EVERYTHING. Including YOUR ______.

#51, the Self is greater than any desire fulfilled: Go for everything you want — until you want what you cannot want — because you are it. The source of wants. The ultimate gelato. Every flavour eternally dripping, forever renewing. 

#62, let it in and all through: Wow, were you ever attacked there. I’m so sorry. Good news is that total healing is always available to you at the very moment of injury while you remain as Love. Shards of light pierce through the cosmos into your violated meridians, restoring these energetic pathways beyond measure. Let it grow up from the golden blanket to the hairs on your skin. The ultimate meridian reset. 

#78, a smile, as wide, as the sky: Your smile meridians latch onto cosmic superhighways, traversing the multiverse faster than the speed of light. That’s how big your effortless joy is. 

* 5 inch calf hight
* durable rubber outsole
* nylon canvas 
* black stitching and interior

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