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Ra-fly, feminine canvas boots

Ra-fly, feminine canvas boots

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Ra-fly boots are decorated with the following Vogue Yantras: 
#84, from my greatest pain, grew my greatest miracle 

#95, Your Beingness is always safe (within the Golden Blanket). And your body is within your Beingness. Your kidneys are blessed. 

#96, smell the roses in every dimension 

#97, you hear your intuition, when you listen to it

#99, Live in the light. The Lights. 

#103, Why can’t you accept and trust and celebrate your own power? This, is the big forgiveness. 

#111, You've already died a million deaths. So why not give it your all. 

#115, You have a place on this earth. 

#114, Sit in your own lineage. The infinite facets, stars in your sky. 

#121, Remember the Eagle.

#137, Sometimes we feel so at the end of our rope, that the rope isn’t even in our hands anymore. But if we look deeper, look inward, we see that the rope is still with us, but it is made of Light. That we are made of Light. 

#142, it’s not “the thing”... it’s the IDENTIFY-ING 

#150, let_pink_light_rain_down 

#152, You are a Star! And never forget it!!

#153, All experiences are Equal... who knew! 

#154 my Aura wears a blue tux... choose your outfit wisely! 

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