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The View From Here, feminine high-top sneakers

The View From Here, feminine high-top sneakers

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The View From Here shoes are decorated with the following Vogue Yantras:
#12 integration: You’re on that stage. You made it. We did it. The Source-to-Source timeline is secure. The new earth is born. Now go on and do as your future self would do.

#16 it doesn't happen all at once: The first circle looked like it was one, but it was two. An entangled pair, the new earth feeding the old. They split, the most important separation, never to be undone. The repair is in leaving the entanglement behind. The second earth becomes its own and all previous incarnations are history, never to be reborn.

#19 projection vacuum: See how your negative thoughts about people drain your vitality. You lose so much energy by making them into something they’re not.

#23 only you know the KEY: You emanate strong and bright from what matters most. Your aura has a special key that only you know. That way, your way, nobody can get in. Your code is uncrackable. 

#32 the space between Reality... and your thoughts about it: Immeasurable, infinite, of foremost importance. A distinction you must apply to EVERYTHING. Including YOUR ______.

#40 reach for the juice: I will not keep your secrets anymore. A prerequisite for your newfound condition is joy. Choose. Change. Reach for the juice. It’s the way of growth. The way that makes us Love the most. Worlds are falling and I feel sixteen again.

#48 there was always perfect balance: So when you get all “it’s not fair, how could they do that,” pull back. You’ve played every part. They’ve played every part. Everyone was always playing their parts. There is always perfect balance, in every simultaneous moment, through the lens of the great expanse.

#51 the Self is greater than any desire fulfilled: Go for everything you want — until you want what you cannot want — because you are it. The source of wants. The ultimate gelato. Every flavour eternally dripping, forever renewing. 

#54 the state of affairs: (Whether you like it or not). Aren’t you magnificent? A sun steeple. A golden mountain. Always aspiring. Tickled by angels, protecting you always. This, is your aura.

#59 This is not breath you are breathing, it is Life. You are Life: Connect to the biggest breath in this moment. The one that feels like a balloon, the one that literally moves your body, that feels like a soothing current. This breath is slow and gimumgus and you absolutely trust it. Even though it is invisible it is also impenetrable, a divine forcefield. This breath emits and protects the brightest light, which is you. The miracle is you.

#64 for today, lead with the Belly Centre: Imagine yourself seated in a comfy chair in the attic of a little lighthouse that resides just above your belly button. Steer the ship of your life from here and let your extremities piggy back along for the joyride of your life. 

#69 do not do anything, unless silence is the loudest sound: Don’t try to figure out what’s best with a mental process. It’s tiring, useless, unreliable. Just stop. Get still. Once the quiet has returned, let it move you.

#76 you be here by realizing, "y"ou're not here: When you win that academy award, you won’t be here in the same way to carry it home. 

 Sizing Chart

5 (inches) 5 2 ½ 35 ½ 8 ½
5.5 (inches) 5 ½ 3 36 8 ¾
6 (inches) 6 3 ½ 36 ½ 9
6.5 (inches) 6 ½ 4 37 ½ 9 ¼
7 (inches) 7 4 ½ 38 9 ¼
7.5 (inches) 7 ½ 5 38 ½ 9 ½
8 (inches) 8 5 ½ 39 9 ½
8.5 (inches) 8 ½ 6 40 9 ¾
9 (inches) 9 6 ½ 40 ½ 10
9.5 (inches) 9 ½ 7 41 10
10 (inches) 10 7 ½ 42 10 ¼
10.5 (inches) 10 ½ 8 42 ½ 10 ½
11 (inches) 11 8 ½ 43 10 ¾
11.5 (inches) 11 ½ 9 44 11
12 (inches) 12 9 ½ 44 ½ 11

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