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Bilocators, unisex low-top sneakers

Bilocators, unisex low-top sneakers

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Bi-locators unisex sneakers are made with care in Canada and showcase the finest in contemporary design and craftsmanship. Ashleigh Meta's signature Vogue Yantras adorn this piece.

#1, what would my future self do!!? She flows like a clear blue river this way and that, follows what feels good, flexibly — the smooth impulse of life from her golden star center.
#32, the space between Reality and your thoughts about it: Immeasurable, infinite, of foremost importance. A distinction you must apply to EVERYTHING. Including YOUR ______.    
#84, from my greatest pain, grew my greatest miracle
#96, smell the roses, in every dimension 

#109, the miracle you’ve been waiting for.

#110, Welcome to the Motherboard. Dance your celebration. 

#121, Remember the Eagle.

#130, what are we doing down here where all of this is REAL

#136, my mind is a servant of the Absolute

#138, How can I not want what I want most of all wants? It’s the wanting that keeps it away. 

#140, all that really matters (once again)

#152, My Mind is my own. I LOVE my Mind. I TRUST the Great Mind.

#156, If it’s not the capital T-Truth, I’m not interested. 

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